Fendak's Campaign World

Enter the Citadel

We begin our adventure

Our heroes answered a call from the city of Bainsmarket's task force board.
Strange things have been happening at the village of Oakhurst, a municipal of Bainsmarket, and a direct request from an influential local noble merchant, required that the city of Bainsmarket respond with outside help, due to unavailability of internal teams.

Our heroes arrived in Oakhurst after a day of travel and learned the following;
A band of local adventurers have gone missing, having gone to deal with the goblins, and two are family members of the local merchant.
There have been attacks on livestock that wonder to far from the village proper.
Twice a year goblins sell a magical fruit to the locals, or interested buyers. The midsummer fruit having healing properties, while the midwinter fruit the opposite. The seeds of which grow small saplings, but before long the saplings are stolen.
The goblins have made a colony within the old ruins of the Sunless Citadel.

After learning all that they could, the heroes ventured forth at dawn towards the Sunless Citadel.
After a three hour hike following the Old Road, they reach a ravine with stone pillars on opposite sides. A rope tied off on the near side and descending into the ravine.
The heroes found the Sunless Citadel sunken at the bottom of the ravine after having fend off several small black twig like creatures. The creatures were indistinguishable from the local weeds and brush that seemed to be sprouting everywhere in the rubble.

Within the Citadel, our heroes encounter a distraught kobold named Meepo who requested help from the heroes in exchange for information. The heroes agreed to meet with the matriarch of the kobold colony and agreed to some terms.
Rid the citadel of goblins, and return their "pet" dragon.
The heroes learned that their is an outcast in the Twilight Grove beneath who has been employing the goblins. The twig creatures are under the outcasts control.

After traps and monsters, our heroes have survived a day within the citadel. Who knows what awaits them deep within.
Until next time…


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